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Annual Report | Sept. '20–Dec. '21

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It has been another incredible year for Family for Families! In our second year as an organization, we continued to see the tremendous effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on our team members. A large number of team members this year also felt the devastating impact of extreme winter storms in the southern United States. During the second half of the year grant requests shifted back towards non-emergency categories. Again, with the help of our generous donors from all across the globe, we have been able to support our team through these crises.

2020 2021 Infographic On Family For Families Impact

Every dollar donated to Family for Families is given to team members.

All donations from team members are matched by their respective company! Family for Families is committed to building a supportive environment for our team members during their times of need. When you give to Family for Families, you are directly impacting the well-being of your fellow team members when they need help the most. Please visit familyforfamilies.org to donate or for more information.

Donation Information

Through generous payroll deductions and one-time donations, Family for Families was able to grant funds to all those who applied with qualifying events and expenses. These donations truly show team members’ commitment to the stability of their fellow members during tumultuous times.

In October 2021, Family for Families launched our first fundraising campaign. We are so thankful for the response we received, with sites around the world taking initiative to organize their own events. This campaign ultimately raised a total of $42,020.48 before the company match.

General Grant Breakdown

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic fueled an unprecedented number of applications for funding all over the world. Family for Families responded by pausing all non-COVID-19 related grants in order to focus on this need.

By May 2021, we saw the needs of our team members shifting to non-COVID-19 related hardships, so we reopened applications for all general hardship grants.

Winter Storms 2021

In February of 2021, severe winter storms in the southern United States caused extraordinary difficulties for many of our team members. Family for Families was able to focus on making the application process as quick as possible for winter storm grantees, processing a total of 332 grants and awarding $66,400 in funding.

Who We Are

Family for Families is a nonprofit organization benefitting team members of CoorsTek, Liberty Woods International, MJB Wood Group, and the Salad Collective. Designed as a way to come alongside one another and help when emergencies strike, we act as an extension of the family in crisis.

이 직원 재난 보조 펀드를 통해 가족들을 위한 가족(Family for Families)은 기부 및 보조금 신청을 조직화하여 도움이 필요한 전 세계의 팀원과 그 가족에게 경제적 도움을 제공합니다.

모든 팀원은 독특한 이야기를 가지고 있고, 다른 사람이 삶에서 큰 어려움을 겪을 때 도움을 줄 수 있다면 우리는 그 이야기의 일부가 될 수 있고 결과에 긍정적인 영향을 줄 수 있습니다. 이는 같이 일하는 식구들의 마음을 굳히고 고난을 겪는 팀원과 그들의 가족을 위해 힘을 주는 공동체를 생성합니다.




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