Frequently Asked Questions About Family for Families

Below are some common questions about the Family for Families organization and the Employee Assistance Hardship Fund. If you don’t see your question, please let us know so we can answer it for you. You can submit your question through the contact us page.

Applying For a Grant

Am I eligible to apply for financial assistance?

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a current employee of CoorsTek, Goosecross Cellars, Liberty Woods International, Mad Greens, MJB Wood Group, and Snappy Salads.
  • Have experienced a qualifying event which can include natural disasters, illness, injury outside of work, and personal hardships causing significant financial strain.

You can see a full list of qualifying events and expenses here.

How long does it take to process my request and can I track my application?

Typically, completed grant requests are reviewed within 7 days. You can request a status of your application by submitting a request here.

If my request is denied, will you provide an explanation and can I appeal it?

Any grant request that has been denied will be given an explanation. Appeals are only accepted in cases where additional information is necessary for the committee to make an informed decision.

Donating to Family for Families

How much of my donation goes to helping other employees?

Every dollar you donate is put towards helping employees in need. CoorsTek, Goosecross Cellars, Liberty Woods International, MJB Wood Group, the Salad Collective, and the Coors family cover all other operational and administrative costs to ensure your donation goes to directly to helping fellow employees.

How can I donate?

Automatic payroll donation
Available only for employees in the US at this time.

Credit card or ACH donation
Available to all employees worldwide. Both one time gifts and recurring donations are welcomed.

REMEMBER - All donations are matched 1-for-1 by your employer!

Amazon Smile
Where ever Amazon is available, just click here.

Will my donation be matched?

Yes! All employee donations will be matched 1-to-1!

  • Please make sure to include your Employee ID Number and Company location with your donation! 
Is my donation tax deductible? (In the US)

Yes! Family for Families is a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization. Payroll and credit card donations are tax deductible. For tax deduction eligibility with credit card donations, please provide your full name and mailing address in the notes section. A receipt will be mailed to you.

How do I modify my payroll donation?

Contact Family for Families to request a change in your payroll deduction. You can do this through the contact page here.

Please note, it may take up to 30 days for the change to take place.